NeighborHealth Center will be the one faith-based safety-net health care provider in Raleigh whose mission is to serve all ages,and will welcome patients with or without insurance.

Opening in 2018

NeighborHealth Center will open a community health center in the West Central Raleigh area to provide integrative primary care to low-income patients not served by health centers or other safety-net providers. There are 95,000 people in Wake County without insurance, and over 28,000 live in this medically-underserved area.

Our Vision

A health care home restoring individuals and families by connecting them to God’s love and to their community.

Our Mission

Serving Christ by loving our neighbors through the practice of excellent, compassionate and accessible health care.

Our Patients

Children and adults; expectant mothers and newborns; those with or without insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. We will serve everyone.


Volunteers are vital to our mission in both clinical and non clinical roles. Please check back for the next volunteer orientation meeting.

Clinical: MD, RN, NP, MA, CNA, etc.
Non-Clinical: IT support, grant writing, administrative support, move-in help, language interpreters, prayer, volunteer coordinator and community outreach.
Email about volunteer opportunities
Having worked with underserved populations, I’ve seen poverty and how it affects the health and well-being of entire communities. I am committed to seeing lives changed through compassionate and high-quality, community-based care.

Nicole Herriott, FNP-BC, Board of Directors, NeighborHealth