How YOU can Support NeighborHealth Center
by Becoming a Patient

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 Why NeighborHealth Center Welcomes Insured Patients

Welcoming New Patients

NeighborHealth has served more than 6,000 patients from 60 countries! We are grateful that our ministry is growing and we welcome new patients every day.

A Balance of Patients

To achieve financial sustainability, NeighborHealth’s goal is serving a balance of insured as well as uninsured patients.

An Opportunity for Uninsured Patients

Our insured patients provide an opportunity for uninsured patients to receive needed health care at a minimal cost.

By Being a Patient, You Make Primary Care Available to Those in Need

  • Most of our patients are uninsured. NeighborHealth is designed to serve 70% of its patients as full-pay or insured patients. Having a good mix of paying patients enables us to provide low-cost or no-cost health care to those in need.
  • If you have health insurance, you can be a tangible part of making primary care available to all in need.
  • Will an insured patient take away an opportunity for an uninsured patient to receive care? Not at all; Increasing our number of patients with insurance enables us to serve the uninsured.

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