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June 2023 Newsletter

Published by
Susan Metts
June 26, 2023

The Faces and Stories Behind NeighborHealth

NeighborHealth is not only a special place to receive care, but it’s also a special place to work and to serve our community. The 80 staff members who make up the NeighborHealth team come to us from all walks of life, and they choose to share their gifts with our patients for many powerful reasons. Here, we get to know three of our exceptional team members.

Meet Tommy Rychner, Lab Technician

Tommy spends his days working in the lab at NeighborHealth Center. He is the smiling face you may see when you walk in the lab, as he oversees all the on-site testing performed at NeighborHealth each day.

Tommy came to NeighborHealth in 2020 as a Raleigh Fellow – a rewarding experience that led him to apply for full-time employment. “After spending months as an intern, I wanted to stay and support this clinic that cared for so many. Working here is a beautiful reminder of what a life of service looks like. NeighborHealth Center’s mission to offer accessible and affordable healthcare is instrumental in filling those gaps in our society that often push the vulnerable to the margins,” Tommy explains.

When asked what he loves most about working at NeighborHealth, Tommy says, “The patients. I have had the privilege of meeting so many incredible people who have visited our clinic over the years. Being trusted with even a small piece of their care is a tremendous honor. I have learned so much about life, strength, and joy from those I have spent time with.”

Tommy is currently in the process of applying to medical school. When he started working at the clinic, he already knew he wanted to work in a healthcare setting and says, “My time at NeighborHealth has given me clarity in my desire to pursue a career in medicine.”

Meet Whitney Lyn Parsons, Billing Administrator

Whitney joined the NeighborHealth family in 2021 after being furloughed from the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a hard worker who’d been employed since the age of 16, Whitney turned to God for guidance and began asking herself some difficult questions about what it would look like to live a life of purpose. She prayed for Him to ‘put me where HE wanted me.’ Soon thereafter, she moved to the Triangle at her family’s suggestion – hoping to find more employment opportunities. Little did she know that she’d soon find the answer to her prayers. 

After just a few weeks here, Whitney was hired as a contract employee supporting NeighborHealth Center’s COVID-19 unit. In less than a month, Whitney knew her work here was part of God’s plan. “I could have never envisioned what would come out of that single choice to walk in obedience. Working here, I have been encouraged, challenged, and pushed out of my comfort zone. The transformation I’ve experienced in my life as a result of this career change has been so powerful.” 

While she’s ‘worn many hats’ since joining the NeighborHealth team, today Whitney works as the Billing Administrator helping uninsured patients understand healthcare costs and connecting them with resources to help them afford the services they need. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and talk unguardedly about my faith and the work God has done and is doing in my life through my role at NeighborHealth Center,” Whitney concludes.

Meet Rochelle Howard, Care Coordinator

Rochelle grew up in Hyde County, NC and works at NeighborHealth as a Care Coordinator. Her role includes working with Medicaid patients to ensure they are getting the care and services they need to stay healthy. Making a difference in the lives of her patients is one of the many things Rochelle loves about her job.

“I was drawn to NeighborHealth to serve our community. Oftentimes, our patients come to us with challenges that make it difficult for them to access healthcare – whether it be a lack of transportation or access to safe housing or even food. My job allows me to meet with our patients face to face where they can feel comfortable sharing some of these problems they’re dealing with. I can help them in many ways – whether it’s reapplying for Food Stamps, finding a local food pantry, or connecting them with resources in the community to address other needs.” 

She recalls one patient who was preparing to undergo surgery but was having trouble getting the medical equipment needed for recovery. Rochelle was able to help the patient by securing a wheelchair. “I received a very meaningful note from this patient who was so thankful we could help her. It warmed my heart and made me smile to know we’d been able to make a difference – this is what we’re here to do,” Rochelle says. 

Please join us in celebrating these compassionate professionals and our entire NeighborHealth team for all they do for our community each and every day!

In last month’s newsletter, we gave an update on our first community giving campaign—Growing for Good—designed to support NeighborHealth’s continuing expansion, including the opening of our new clinic. To those of you who gave so generously this past month to help us get ever closer to our goal of $500,000, THANK YOU!

We have a little farther to go, so if you haven’t yet contributed, there’s still time. Every gift helps us love our neighbors through healthcare. We hope you will help us spread the word about our work at NeighborHealth. Together, we can take this campaign over the finish line.

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Thank you for your continued partnership.
With gratitude,
Daniel Lipparelli
Chief Executive Officer

Serving Christ by loving our neighbors through excellent, compassionate, and accessible health care.

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