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May 27, 2022
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July 19, 2022

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Hailey’s Story

At age 29, Hailey was a young college student and mother to two children in a blended family, seeking routine healthcare from the Wake County Health Department. During a visit for pelvic pain in 2019, the Health Department told her about NeighborHealth – and she was excited to learn of another clinic that would welcome a new Medicaid patient. 
 During her first visit with NeighborHealth, she met physician assistant Molly Jordan, PA-C. Hailey was immediately struck with the quality of care and compassion she received. Through further testing and evaluation, Hailey learned she had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the NeighborHealth team quickly offered the treatment she needed to feel better.
 Soon thereafter, Hailey and her husband, Carlos were excited to learn they were expecting another child. As a result of the exceptional care she received for her PCOS, Hailey selected Molly and the NeighborHealth team to support her prenatal care during her entire pregnancy. At each step, Hailey was impressed by the high-quality, efficient care she received.
“The NeighborHealth team provided everything I needed to stay healthy during my pregnancy, and as a result, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in March 2021,” Hailey explained. “It was so wonderful to feel like I had a team of caregivers who actually cared about me as a person, and not just a number. They listened to me, asked questions and were always willing to help with whatever I needed.”
 But the care Hailey receives from NeighborHealth extends beyond basic medical care. Like many young couples, Hailey and her husband struggled with marital ups and downs. When she mentioned these stresses to her care team, Hailey was surprised to learn that NeighborHealth also offers therapy and counseling services.  At Molly’s recommendation, she and her husband began seeing NeighborHealth’s behavioral health counselor, Megan Martin to help navigate and strengthen their relationship. Their work together has been very powerful. “Mostly, Megan has helped us learn how to better communicate, while also working through our own individual struggles.”
Thanks to her care team, today Hailey remains a physically and emotionally healthy NeighborHealth patient. She’s incredibly grateful for the life-changing care she’s received over the years.
“NeighborHealth has had a real impact on my family’s quality of life. They’ve helped me manage my health in so many ways, and their support has even allowed me to improve the health of my marriage. You can’t get this kind of care anywhere else – especially without insurance. I am so thankful for my NeighborHealth care team.”


Over the past four years, NeighborHealth has served thousands of patients that have been impacted for the better by making high-quality, compassionate healthcare accessible and affordable for our most vulnerable neighbors. Hailey’s story is just one example of our patients who is healthier, happier and thriving because of the work we do every day. During our Growing for Good Campaign this year, we will be sharing more stories about our patients, supporters, and dedicated staff. None of this would be possible without your generosity, and we are grateful for your continued support.

Serving Christ by loving our neighbors through excellent,
compassionate, and accessible health care.

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