Serving Christ Through Compassionate, Accessible Healthcare
August 6, 2018
NeighborHealth Center Holds Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
October 22, 2018

Sue Ellen Thompson

Meet our Executive Director, Sue Ellen Thompson! With a masters degree in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership from Duke University and 25 years in nursing leadership in hospital and outpatient settings, she has extensive experience and strong faith to lead NeighborHealth. Here’s a quick Q&A to get to know Sue Ellen:

Q: You’ve been involved in planning NeighborHealth’s opening for a few years. What was it like for you when that first patient walked in the door?

A: I had an overwhelming sense of joy that we were finally able to begin serving the community as we had been in the “planning phase” for a number of years.  It was very gratifying.

Q:  How has your faith helped you along this journey?  

A: I have been able to see God’s hand in the timing of our opening and in the way NHC has been given financial provision.  It is amazing!

Q: What do you want people to know about NeighorHealth?  

A: We are sincere in our desire to provide affordable, compassionate care and we are also focused on providing quality care.

Sue Ellen Thompson pictured with (left to right) NeighborHealth volunteer Debby Derbyshire, Board Chair Susanne Berger and Myra and her daughter, living across the street from NeighborHealth and helping to get the word out!

Sue Ellen can be reached at