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March Newsletter

Published by
Susan Metts
March 28, 2022

NeighborHealth’s Dr. Douglas Briggs Honored With 2022 TBJ Health Care Leadership Award

We are delighted this month to recognize Dr. Douglas Briggs, chief medical officer and physician at NeighborHealth Center, for being honored with a 2022 Health Care Leadership Award by The Triangle Business Journal. This prestigious award is given annually to innovative and influential leaders whose work has had an enduring impact on the quality of health care in our region. As a physician recipient, Dr. Briggs exemplifies excellence in patient care, and has proven high levels of patient satisfaction and effective clinical outcomes.
For his entire adult life, Dr. Briggs has been focused on one specific purpose – to serve as a resource for the underprivileged, connecting them with health care they never dreamed they could have and showing them a level of compassion they never thought existed. Early in his career, Dr. Briggs moved to China where he spent 23 years caring for people of the poorest rural villages. He moved back to the United States in 2018 and shortly thereafter joined as a founding member of the NeighborHealth team. Since then, Dr. Briggs has helped thousands of men, women and children improve their health, regardless of their ability to pay.

“Providing healthcare to underserved residents, and connecting with them through God’s love, is my calling. I feel blessed that I can fulfill my life’s purpose at NeighborHealth,” said Dr. Briggs. “While I am humbled and honored to be chosen for this award, I also must acknowledge my NeighborHealth family for their hard work and dedication to our mission. This recognition truly belongs to our entire team and what we have built together.”

Dr. Briggs

From sunrise to sunset, Dr. Briggs can be found seeing patients at NeighborHealth. He provides exceptional healthcare and the preservation of personal dignity by helping patients learn how to care for themselves and navigate the American health care system. An integral member of the NeighborHealth team, Dr. Briggs has touched the lives of countless patients and families, meanwhile, leaving an immensely positive impact on our community and beyond. Congratulations, Dr. Briggs!

Improving Our Patients’ Health with Chronic Disease Management

While many healthy patients choose to see their doctors just once a year, at NeighborHealth, we know many of our patients have chronic conditions that require ongoing care and maintenance. For these patients, quarterly chronic disease management visits can help – and it’s one of the services that sets NeighborHealth apart as a true partner in patient care.
Consider a patient who is newly diagnosed with diabetes. Oftentimes, the diagnosis alone is staggering enough, not to mention learning all about the disease, how it’s managed, new medications to take, how to monitor blood sugar, and where to look out for other dangerous side effects such as nerve damage, vision problems, etc. It’s a lot to think about.
NeighborHealth Nurse Practitioner Rachel Lehman explains why seeing patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, heart failure, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and even acid reflux is so important.

“Checking in on these patients regularly can prevent the condition from worsening by evaluating their progress, checking medications, etc. With many chronic conditions, we’re asking our patients to significantly modify their lifestyle, and seeing them more often provides the accountability needed to reinforce positive behaviors and motivate lasting changes.”

The cost of managing these conditions can be really overwhelming, too – which can often make it nearly impossible for patients to take their medications or get the ongoing care they need to keep their health on track. Fortunately, NeighborHealth helps patients by offering highly discounted prescription drugs, on-site lab and equipment, and even support from a registered dietitian when needed. All of these services make it easier for NeighborHealth patients to improve their health over time.

“Working with patients who have chronic conditions at NeighborHealth is so rewarding – we just love seeing patients witness their health improve and feel pride in themselves for making changes,” Lehman relates. “Our team approaches chronic disease management as a partnership between patient and provider, which allows patients to feel more in control of their own health and life. Our patients are just so grateful to get the care they need from a team that truly cares.”


It is the generosity of individuals, foundations, companies and churches that make it possible for NeighborHealth to provide healthcare to the neediest among us who otherwise would have no access to care. Thank you!

Serving Christ by loving our neighbors through excellent,
compassionate, and accessible health care.

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