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Why I Give: Giving the Gift of Good Health  

Published by
Rich Kells
December 1, 2023

Good health is foundational and fundamentally important to everything we do.” 

As we approach the Christmas holiday, gift-giving is a common topic of conversation. Yet, we know the holiday season and the celebration of the birth of Christ is about much more than physical gifts – it’s a time to cherish the family, friends and faith that sustain us, and to give back to those who are less fortunate.  

At NeighborHealth Center, we are surrounded by a village of devoted friends and family who share our faith and commitment to serving the healthcare needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. This year, we’d like to highlight one member of our village who shares his unique perspective of NeighborHealth as a board member, community supporter – and a patient.  

Getting to know Sam Bass, One of NeighborHealth Center’s First Supporters 

Sam Bass was one of NeighborHealth Center’s first supporters – offering his gifts of prayer, time and treasure long before the clinic first opened its doors in 2018. A North Carolina native, Sam grew up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina before pursuing a long and successful career in financial planning. Today, Sam is retired and preparing to publish his first book – Boys on the Edge – a memoir of his life growing up on Cape Lookout with three brothers. Amidst all of this success, Sam has served as a steadfast and committed supporter – helping to lead NeighborHealth Center since its vision was first inspired by Susanne Berger more than a decade ago. Today, Sam serves as a patient, board member and philanthropic donor – and we’re grateful he has taken the time to share his passion for NHC.    

From the donor perspective, what is it about NeighborHealth Center that inspires you to give?  

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the needs in our community and the many great nonprofits working to serve our neighbors. For me, I understand that good health is foundational and fundamentally important to everything we do. Through the life of a close family member saw firsthand how important good primary care is – without it, health problems can go from being imminently treatable to chronic illnesses that can wreak havoc on a person’s quality of life.  

Every dollar I give to NeighborHealth Center goes to help someone who has never received the kind of care and compassion we provide – life-changing care they wouldn’t otherwise have access to anywhere else. There are few organizations that can have that kind of impact right here in our community.  

Serving as a Board Member is a true commitment of time, skill and energy. Why do you continue to serve on the Board? 

My work on the Board is incredibly rewarding – it’s different from any other Board I’ve been on. We’re a hands-on, working team and we all bring our best gifts to the table.  We’re united in our passion for helping our fellow human beings, and we know the work we’re doing translates to real healing.  

Also of importance is our shared faith. I’ve never been part of an organization where people are more faithful – Christ is truly at the center of everything we do. Our Board and leaders have been so careful about staying on the path that God set for us, which was put in motion by Susanne Berger so many years ago. It’s a real honor to serve as an advocate for NHC and to be a part of the life and breath of this organization.  

As a patient, what is it about NeighborHealth Center that is so special? 

I’m fortunate enough to have always had a strong general practitioner throughout my life, but when I transitioned my care to Dr. Briggs, I was immediately blown away by his skill, care and compassion. He is very present during every appointment and takes the time to really listen to me – we have a true relationship. And, the whole staff is that way. I like to say there is nothing ‘transactional’ about the care NeighborHealth provides – it’s all very relational, which is truly unique. The NHC model of care is truly transformational – and I believe it’s the way healthcare should be delivered.  

What excites you most about the future of NeighborHealth Center?  

Watching this vision for NeighborHealth Center grow to maturity has been a remarkable journey. Through a single vision and God’s grace, more than 7,000 patients each year are getting care they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. And, with the continued growth of our community plus our new clinic and fully-staffed team, our talented and devoted caregivers have the opportunity to help even more members of our community in the near future.  

What excites me most is that NeighborHealth is growing rapidly to meet the increasing needs of the patients we serve in Wake County. We will need the support of everyone in the NeighborHealth community to continue to provide real and lasting impact on the lives of our patients and their families. 

Please consider joining Sam in giving the gift of good health this Christmas. Any gift up to $30,000 can be matched 1:1 until December 31st. Visit to make your year-end gift today. 

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